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The Parkway Review

A little review of an theater in Oakland, CA that serves microbrew beer and Pizza. Same concept as the Mission theater in Oregon but its in my backyard. Nice place and lots of fun.

Berkeley Outdoor Cinema Brochure (made by Pyramid Brewery and html'd by Thor)

Held at Pyramid Brewery and sponsored by various organizations in the SF bay area. They play classic movies at dusk on the side of the brewery. Just bring your own seating. Unfortunately, they didn't allow beer to be sold outside in the parking area so you'll have to sneak in some homebrew. :-)

Temperature Probe review

Review of a "water-proof" thermometer and the problems I had with it. Its find unless it gets wet. Really a useful item in the brewhouse. (NOT!)

Portland Brewers Festival Review

This was the Tenth Annual festival in Portland Oregon. What was there, what was fun, and all of that. Kinda of an informal journal.

Portland Brewers Fest 1997/1996 Slide Show

Pictures of said trip to Oregon and the year before. This is really only interesting if you were on the trip or your a glutton for slideshows.

Where to find parts for the Brewery (localized for SF bay area)

Assembling a brewery from scratch or just looking for a couple extra piece of scrap to finish of that gadget. Here are a bunch of my regular haunts for stainless scrap and other goodies.

Recent Recipes

Some of the recipes I thought might be nice to publish.

BJCP Study Guide



For more articles, look to the Draught Board web page. I got nominated to do the newsletter for a while so most of my work goes into that publication. One of these days I'll get back to writting things for my own page.

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