*Sept 13: Dr. Strangelove

**Sept 20: Bladerunner

Sept 27: Elvis: Viva Las Vegas


The Outdoor Cinema is a community-spirited, big screen celebration of "B" movies, cult classics, cartoons, short subjects and high camp, goofy, old fashioned outdoor summer fun that's starting a great new summer tradition.


Around dusk on warm summer Saturday nights adventurous people of all ages arrive bedecked with lawn chairs, boats, beds, sofas, costumes and fun attire flock to see their favorite movies and join in the zany contests, and off-the-wall entertainment. Here audiences are often the best part of the show. It's the original interactive theater where folks are actually encouraged to hoot, holler an' join in the atmosphere of irreverent, laid-back humor and campy fun.

The cinema's a walk-in style event with applause-Ometer contests for the best costumes, most creative seating and other ad-hoc games. Suggested donation is $5.-profits go to worthy causes.

There's plenty of free parking. The lot opens at 7 pm. for seating, so there's time to pick a good space and enjoy a brew and a bite before the show.

So bring your friends, come often, have fun and spread the word.

This is the way summer movies were meant to be enjoyed.


How do you get there?

910 Gilman Ave, Berkeley


Info line: 510-273-2403

* Right after the Draught Board meeting

** Right after the Cal Game against OK.

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Reprinted from the Pyramid Brewery Flyer. The author has no affiliation to Pyramid or any of the sponsors but just likes the idea. If Pyramid doesn't want me to promote this thing and get litigious about it I'll delete it since it ain't lining my pockets.

Last revised: September 14, 1997.