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Mount the GFCI to the back of the cabinet. Control panel below for the solid state relays for computer control. Also need a water tight enclosure for the main relay board. Of course the computer that runs the show needs to be similarly sheilded from the elements. I also need to devise some way to have a monitor and keyboard attached to the system somehow and make it water tight and still get fresh air to cool it off.

The basic design for both the relays and the computer cabinet might be to place it at the lower level of the stand next to the HLT. A sealed top cover is placed and fastened over the top of both the computer and the control panel. Exhaust air is brought in from the bottom and sucked into the cabinet. Only problem is that heat rises and it might trap if its not circulated back out well.

New switches added to the panel are seven, 3 way switches. All switches can be set for:

1) Manual override On, 2) Manual override Off, 3) Automatic control

There are seven new switches which control

Heater HLT

Heater Mash tun

Heater Boil kettle


Boil kettle stirrer

Mash Tun Stirrer

Grain Mill

There are also indicator light being added to the system. Their color and purposes are as follows:

HLT Pump

Recirc pump

Heater HLT

Heater Recirc

Heater Boil

Since the ignitors for the propane dont work porperly, Im going to replace the ingitors with the lights and add two more holes so they all fit in a row.

The blue lights are rated 120 v and connect to the switch output going to the pumps. The heater lights are more complicated. Im hoping to use 5 volt lamps and attaching the lights to the output to the relay actuators. Im most likely going to have to boost the current to make it all work since a TTL signal wont do the job. Maybe another OpAmp voltage follower.


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